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Zap (Beta) v0.0.1

Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹ Victor here 😍

Zap beta was a long time coming. It's finally here.

First, to give a background, Zap is a new, fast, feature-packed, lightweight, and more performant upgrade over Switch - an earlier version.

What is Zap?

Zap is yet another app launcher with some unique features that makes it quick to access your apps, navigate between windows, and enable you to group apps you frequently use together into load-outs to ease cycling back-and-forth between these apps.

The cherry on top is that Zap comes with Vim's ergonomic keybindings to make you more effective.

Whether you use a 13-inch laptop screen or multiple monitors, Zap arms you with the quickest way to move across your app windows to keep you productive: focus on the task at hand and not finding app windows.

Zap's UI is well crafted to be ergonomic and yet familiar. It's a combination of your macOS dock and launchpad.

In a nutshell,
macOS dock + macOS launchpad + vim keybindings = Zap

By now must be thinking, wait! what? It's not all. You can use Zap as a sidekick with your favorite productivity apps such as Raycast, and Alfred! It just works. 🀩

Let's get started

To get started, head over here to download Zap (Beta). Afterward, watch this walkthrough video on how to use Zap.

Hey, you, yes you! I'm glad you made it here. One more thing, we want to hear from you on how to improve Zap. T for thanks. 🀝

It's a wrap for now πŸ˜‰

Keep zapping! πŸ”«

- Victor


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Zap (Beta) v0.0.2

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